Running offers a multitude of health benefits, including improving the health of your heart and circulatory system, reducing the risk of chronic disease, and lowering stress, to name just a few. Any regular physical activity poses the risk of sustaining an overuse injury. These injuries result from repeated stress on certain structures of the body. This is different
Not only is a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in a knee one of the most common sports injuries, it’s one of the most dreaded, and for good reason: Recovering from that injury can keep you on the bench for an entire season. Don’t be another sports injury statistic. The team here at Barrington Orthopedic Specialists wants to keep you in the game by
Physical activity offers numerous health benefits, including boosting energy levels, strengthening muscles, keeping bones strong and increasing overall well-being. Sports participation offers an excellent way to maintain physical fitness, while doing something you enjoy. Along with the benefits of sports, however, there are injury risks. With a few tips, you can
Whether you’re a young athlete just starting out or a toughened warrior with miles of experience, an overuse injury can end your season. Sometimes the damage is severe enough to block you from your favorite sport entirely. Unlike acute injuries that can happen in an instant, such as a wrist fracture or shoulder dislocation, overuse injuries tend to build up
Sports can help kids develop healthy exercise habits and may be part of the solution for the rise in childhood obesity and other concerning medical conditions we once connected to adulthood, such as Type 2 diabetes and elevated cholesterol levels. You can expect more bumps and bruises when your kid takes on the challenge of youth league football, baseball or