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What is the association between diabetes and foot ulcers?

Ulcers that don’t heal can develop an infection that spreads to deep tissues and bone. Uncontrolled diabetes increases your risk for severe foot ulcers because high blood sugar damages blood vessels. Lack of blood supply contributes to the formation of ulcers and prevents them from healing.

What nerve conditions cause foot pain?

Damaged or malfunctioning nerves, such as the following, can cause your foot pain:

Morton’s neuroma

Nerves in the ball of your foot become enlarged and inflamed.

Stump neuroma

When Morton’s neuroma or any nerve problem is treatable with surgery, the cut nerve may begin to regrow with the new nerve cells becoming trapped in the surrounding tissues, creating a stump of painful nerves.

Nerve injury and entrapment

Nerve entrapment occurs when nerves are chronically compressed by a physical problem or tight shoes. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a common nerve entrapment condition.

What foot deformities cause foot pain?

Your feet are vulnerable to developing bony growths and deformities due to pressure from walking and ill-fitting shoes, or shoes with high heels and pointed toes. Examples of deformities include:

  • Bunion: bony lump forms at the base of your big or little toe
  • Hammertoe: abnormal bend develops in the middle joint of a toe
  • Adult clubfoot: clubfoot present in infancy remains or clubfoot occurs due to trauma
  • Heel spurs: bony growth develops on your heel
  • Adult acquired flatfoot: posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) leads to adult flatfoot deformity
  • Tarsal coalition: abnormal connection of two or more bones, resulting in severe flatfoot
  • Ingrown toenail: common toenail deformity that can lead to infection

What fractures, tears, and sprains commonly cause foot pain?

The doctors at Barrington Orthopedic Specialists often treat foot sprains and injuries such as:

Calcaneal fracture

A fractured calcaneus, or heel bone, tends to be a severe injury because the spongy bone inside the heel collapses when the protective outer bone breaks.

Jones fracture

This fracture occurs in an area of the long bone connected to the little toe that has a poor blood supply. As a result, it has a high risk of nonunion, or not healing properly.

Lisfranc injury

The Lisfranc joint is found where the metatarsal bones meet the bones of the arch. Lisfranc injuries include sprained ligaments, fractures, or dislocations that affect this joint.

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