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Barrington Orthopedic Specialists

Multi-Disciplinary Orthopedic Surgery Practice located in Schaumburg, IL

The comprehensive orthopedic care available from the team at Barrington Orthopedic Specialists includes specialized programs and services designed to meet the unique training and rehabilitation requirements of athletes and patients recovering from orthopedic injuries. Whether you need after-hours emergency care, ongoing rehabilitation, or one-on-one training, please call one of their offices in Schaumburg, Bartlett, Elk Grove Village, or Buffalo Grove, Illinois, or book an appointment online.

Additional Services Q & A

What is Immediate Orthopedic Care (IOC)?

Injuries often happen after your doctor’s office has closed for the day, but quick treatment is essential for your optimal recovery. That’s why Barrington Orthopedic Specialists provide an Immediate Orthopedic Care (IOC) clinic.

When you have an injury due to an accident, sport, or other physical activity, you can skip the emergency room and visit the IOC clinic. Walk-ins are welcome, your wait time is short, and orthopedic specialists are ready to treat a variety of injuries, including:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Closed fractures
  • Minor dislocations
  • Simple lacerations
  • Back and neck pain

For more information about the IOC clinic, please click here or call 847-285-4250.

What ongoing wellness and therapy programs are offered?

Barrington Orthopedic Specialists offer ongoing health and wellness programs such as:

Do you need a return-to-play assessment?

The return-to-play assessment evaluates your recovery following a sports-related injury and determines if your functional level is sufficient to return to your activity. A dual-credentialed physical therapist and athletic trainer with extensive experience in rehabilitating sports medicine injuries perform your assessment.

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What type of rehabilitation services are offered at Barrington Orthopedic Specialists?

Barrington Orthopedic Specialists offers the following services and programs in teh rehabilitation department located at all 4 locations:

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The following injections are offered in the physician's office.

  • Cortisone: corticosteroids reduce inflammation and pain
  • Hyaluronic acid: SynviscⓇ, EuflexxaⓇ, and Supartz lubricate and improve function in the knee
  • AmnioFixⓇ: growth factors stimulate cellular growth and healing
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): growth factors stimulate tissue regeneration and healing
  • XiaflexⓇ: treats Dupuytren’s contracture and Peyronie’s disease

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What should you expect during an MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the most important diagnostic tools for soft tissue injuries. Barrington Orthopedic Specialists offer open MRI with access on all four sides, so you don’t feel confined during the exam. You can also talk with the technologist throughout the procedure.

The exam takes about 45-60 minutes. During that time, you lie still but the table you’re on may move, and you’ll hear a muffled sound similar to a drumbeat as the machine take views of your body from varying angles.

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