The right treatment plays a key role in recovering from a wide range of injuries. Whether from an accident or participation in sports and other physical activities, an injury can happen in the blink of an eye, sometimes unavoidably.

A good rehabilitation program is proven to help patients recover from serious injuries, and even get athletes back in the game. If you’ve sustained an injury, it’s vital to include a comprehensive rehabilitation program in your recovery plan.

Key benefits for recovery

At Barrington Orthopedic Specialists, our team of physical therapists, occupational therapist, physical therapy assistants, and athletic trainers help people of all ages recover from injuries that may limit their ability to move and function. Our clinicians work closely with the physicians to provide the best care of our patients.

The goal of our individualized rehabilitation program is to help individuals return to their prior performance levels as quickly and as safely as possible. It’s wise to partner with a rehabilitation team at the first sign of a problem.

Whether an injury has sidelined you from sports, limited your ability to engage in hobbies, or reduced your ability to move our clinicians can help heal and rebuild strength in the injured and weakened parts of the body.

Injuries are common in sports, fitness activities, and exercise training. Good training habits lessen your risk of injuries, but sometimes injuries occur despite your best efforts to avoid them. Overuse and accidents are also common causes of injuries.

If an injury has occurred at work, our rehabilitation department offers a work conditioning program to address your injury and return you back to work safely.  The work conditioning program is offered at the Schaumburg location.

The Rehabilitation Department at Barrington Orthopedic Specialists are located at all 4 locations; Bartlett, Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Village, and Schaumburg.  For additional information please call (847) 885-0078 or visit our website at