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Frozen Shoulder Specialist Near Chicago, Illinois

Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)

The mobility of your shoulders is extremely important to your quality of life. When this mobility is restricted, it can have a major impact on your daily activities. Adhesive capsulitis, also known as "frozen shoulder," is a condition that can cause significant pain and reduced range of motion in your shoulders.

At Barrington Orthopedic Specialists, we offer a variety of treatments to help patients with adhesive capsulitis regain full range of motion in their shoulders. We tailor our approach to each individual patient, depending on the severity of their condition. With a focus on conservative treatment options and cutting-edge techniques, our shoulder specialists will ensure that your recovery is as quick, effective, and painless as possible.

If you're ready to get back to your normal life, schedule your first appointment with Barrington Orthopedic Specialists. We'll work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your needs and get you on the road to recovery.

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Treatment for Frozen Shoulder from Your Shoulder Specialist

Treating & Diagnosing Adhesive Capsulitis

Adhesive capsulitis, commonly known as "frozen shoulder," is a condition characterized by pain and stiffness in the shoulder. The condition typically comes on gradually and may worsen over time.

The exact cause of adhesive capsulitis is unknown, but it is thought to be related to an injury or overuse of the shoulder. Physiologically, the condition is believed to be caused by the formation of scar tissue in the shoulder. This scar tissue forms around the shoulder joint, making it difficult for the joint to move.

Adhesive capsulitis can be a difficult condition to diagnose, as the symptoms are similar to other shoulder conditions. A thorough physical examination and review of your medical history is often all that is needed to make a diagnosis. In some cases, additional testing may be necessary to rule out other conditions. These tests may include imaging studies such as X-rays or MRI.

Treatment for adhesive capsulitis typically begins with conservative measures, such as rest, ice, OTC medications, and physical therapy. If these measures are not effective, other treatment options may be considered. These options may include:

  • Corticosteroid injections These injections can help reduce inflammation and pain in the shoulder.
  • Surgery:In some cases, it may be recommended shoulder manipulation to improve range of motion and or shoulder manipulation with debridement to release the adhesions (scar tissue) around the shoulder joint.These procedures are performed as an outpatient procedure, and most people can return home the same day.

If you're ready to regain movement and relieve pain in your shoulder due to adhesive capsulitis, the team at BOS is ready to help. Schedule your first appointment with the top shoulder specialists in the Chicago area today.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Who is most commonly at risk for adhesive capsulitis?

Adhesive capsulitis can occur in anyone, but it is most common in adults aged 40-60 years. The condition is more common in women than men, and people with diabetes are at an increased risk. Other risk factors for adhesive capsulitis include:

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