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ACL Injury Prevention Program

The ACL Injury Prevention Program is a one-on-one assessment or group class instructed by a physical therapist with years of experience rehabilitating sports medicine injuries.  Participants will be instructed in an exercise program focused on strength, flexibility, squatting mechanics, jumping and landing mechanics, and agility. Appointments are available upon request at the Barltett and Schaumburg locations.

Fitness Assessment

Reach Your Goals and Be Your Best!

Individual Fitness Assessments can be catered to your goals whether they are for post-rehabilitation progress, weight loss, overall health and wellness, or pre-season conditioning.  A licensed Athletic Trainer or Physical Therapist will initially assess your posture, gait, strength, and function in order to design a program that addresses your deficits, meets your goals, and considers any orthopedic issues you may have.   Appointments are available upon request at all locations.

Runners Program

Run Better, Faster, and Pain-Free!

The Runners Program is a one-on-one assessment performed by a physical therapist or athletic trainer with years of experience treating recreational and experienced runners. The program includes video gait analysis, evaluation of current running program, education on proper running footwear and customized exercise program.  Participants will learn how to prevent common running injuries through utilizing an exercise program focusing on flexibility, strengthening, and balance exercises.  Appointments are available upon request at the Bartlett and Buffalo Grove locations.