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Bankart Shoulder Surgery Specialist

A Bankart lesion of the shoulder is a tear of the labrum that causes instability and recurrent dislocations of the shoulder joint. This type of injury often occurs when the shoulder pops out of joint, thereby tearing the labrum. This is quite common in younger patients.

Bankart Lesion FAQ

What Causes A Bankart Lesion?

One of the most common labral injuries is known as a Bankart lesion. This condition occurs when the labrum pulls off the front of the socket. This occurs most often when the shoulder dislocates. If a Bankart tear doesn’t heal properly, it can cause future dislocations, instability, weakness and pain.

What Are The Symptoms of A Bankart Lesion?

  • Pain. When reaching overhead, at night, or with daily activities. …
  • Instability and weakness. The shoulder may “just hang there,” pop out of the joint, or feel too loose.
  • Limited range of motion. …
  • Unusual noises or sensations in the shoulder

What Are The Treatment Options For A Bankart Lesion?

Surgery to repair the torn labrum is sometimes necessary. The purpose of the surgery is to reattach the torn labrum to the socket of the shoulder. Large labral tears that are the result of trauma generally need to be fixed in surgery. The success rate of this surgery is quite good, with over 90 percent of patients returning to their normal activities without any further dislocations. In many cases, this surgery is performed arthroscopically; however, there are some individuals who should have a Bankart (labral) repair performed through an open incision. With a small labral tear, the patient may be directed to avoid vigorous activities that cause shoulder pain, rather than undergo surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon is best qualified to determine which procedure is most suitable.

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