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Lisfranc Injury Repair Specialist

Lisfranc injuries occur in the middle part of your foot. This condition is the result of broken bones or torn ligaments that support the midfoot. Lisfranc injuries can be caused by awkward movements during athletic activity or direct trauma such as falling from a height. If you sustain a lisfranc injury, you may experience intense swelling, pain, or bruising.

At Barrington Orthopedic Specialists, our experienced, certified specialists can perform lisfranc fracture repairs, designed to realign damaged bones and ligaments in the midfoot to a normal position and relieve pain. Our team will work alongside you at every step of your surgery and help you to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan that will ensure a quick and healthy recovery process.

If you sustain a lisfranc injury, we are here to help you get back on your feet. Schedule your first consultation with the team at Barrington Orthopedic Specialists today. If you’re in an emergency situation, visit the Immediate Care Clinic at our Schaumburg, IL location.

What Is A Lisfranc Fracture Repair?

If the ligaments are completely torn and the bones are dislocated out of position, surgery is needed to realign the bones and ligaments. Without surgery, arthritis is very likely to occur within a few years. Wires, pins, or screws may be used.

If a Lisfranc injury is present, the treatment depends upon the bony alignment. If the bones are where they are supposed to be, treatment in a non-walking cast for 6 weeks may be enough. It’s important to remember that close follow-up is needed in case the bones shift in position. If the initial alignment is poor, surgery may be needed to place a screw across the injury to keep the bones in place.

Our team is here for you

We offer the best, least invasive and least aggressive options to relieve your pain and symptoms so you can get back to the life you love. Barrington Orthopedic Specialists Foot & Ankle Care Center has convenient locations in Bartlett, Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Village and Schaumburg.