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What Is Lumbar Microdiscectomy?

Lumbar microdiscectomy is an operation on the lumbar spine performed using a surgical microscope and microsurgical techniques.

A microdiscectomy requires only a very small incision and will remove only that portion of your ruptured disc which is “pinching” one or more spinal nerve roots.

Lumbar microdiscectomy is usually recommended only when specific conditions are met. In general, surgery is recommended when a ruptured disc is pinching a spinal nerve root(s) and you have:

    • Leg pain which limits your normal daily activities
    • Weakness in your leg(s) or feet
    • Numbness in your extremities
    • Impaired bowel and/or bladder function

The recovery time for this particular surgery is usually much less than is required for traditional lumbar surgery. In fact, many patients go home on the same day as surgery.