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Vertebroplasty Surgery Specialist

A fracture to your vertebrae can cause severe spinal pain and a lack of mobility. While this injury can vary in severity and location, symptoms can include neck pain, numbness, tingling, muscle spasm, and weakness. Luckily, there are treatment options.

At Barrington Orthopedic Specialists, our expert, highly-trained specialists can perform vertebroplasty surgery, an outpatient procedure designed to stabilize compression fractures in your spine by injecting bone cement into broken vertebrae. Our team will work alongside you during your surgery and provide you with rehabilitative advice to ensure a healthy and quick recovery.

If you are struggling with back pain caused by spinal damage, do not allow your condition to worsen. Schedule your first consultation with the team at Barrington Orthopedic Specialists today. If you’re in an emergency situation, visit the Immediate Care Clinic at our Schaumburg, IL location.

What Is A Vertebroplasty?

Vertebroplasty is an outpatient procedure for stabilizing compression fractures in the spine. Bone cement is injected into back bones (vertebrae) that have cracked or broken, often because of osteoporosis. The cement hardens, stabilizing the fractures and supporting your spine.

For people with severe, disabling pain caused by a compression fracture, vertebroplasty can relieve pain, increase mobility and reduce the use of pain medication.

Kyphoplasty is similar to vertebroplasty, but uses special balloons to create spaces within the vertebra that are then filled with bone cement.

Kyphoplasty can correct spinal deformity and restore lost height.