shutterstock_153986114.jpeg (shutterstock_153986114.webp)For industrial workers in Illinois who have sustained an orthopedic injury on the job, the road toward a full recovery and a return to work can seem long, painful, and sometimes even impossible. Experienced, compassionate support from a medical professional who specializes in the rehabilitation of work-related injuries can make all the difference in removing those obstacles during the recovery process.

That’s what Barrington Orthopedic Specialists offers to our patients with our Work Conditioning Program. Here’s how we help workers return to full duty work safely:

We’ll Bridge The Gaps in Your Patient’s Recovery

Many patients find that even during and after the recommended duration of their physical therapy or occupational therapy, they’re still not 100% functional, pain-free, or ready to return to their usual level of performance at work. The Work Conditioning Program at Barrington Orthopedic Specialists can help patients to bridge these gaps in their recovery, offering additional therapy designed to help a worker feel confident in their return to the field. 

We’ll Help Prevent Future Injuries

If a patient isn’t truly ready to return to work after an injury, the risks they face of reinjuring themselves in the same place -- or even sustaining new injuries as a result of their compromised physical performance -- can become exponentially greater. That’s why the Work Conditioning Program at BOS seeks to bring patients to a truly complete recovery, tailored to help them meet the demands of their specific industry. We also offer support during their return to full duty, significantly minimizing these risks of reinjury. 

We’ll Provide Your Patient With Real Results

The Work Conditioning program Barrington Orthopedic Specialists offers at our Schaumburg office has a highly successful track record that patients and referring physicians alike can trust. In 2020 alone, 96.5% of patients who were evaluated in the Work Conditioning program returned to work, a whopping 93.1% of whom were able to return to full duty. In the past 8 years of providing this service, a total of 91.7% of our Work Conditioning patients have been able to make a successful return to work.

If your patient is required to lift in the medium (21-50 lbs), heavy (51-100 lbs), or very heavy (101+ lbs) physical demand levels as part of their everyday duties at work, they may be a candidate for our Work Conditioning program at the Schaumburg location.  Our work conditioning program is designed to safely return the injured worker to full-duty work.  

At Barrington Orthopedic Specialists, our workers' compensation department can be reached directly at (847) 285-4220, or by completing a Request an Appointment form on our website at