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Knee Osteoarthritis

Your knees work hard throughout your lifetime, supporting your body weight and carrying you through activities like walking, running, and jumping. These joints work with the support of cartilage, a tough, flexible material that cushions bones and helps them move smoothly against each other. When this cartilage wears down over time, it can cause knee osteoarthritis (OA), resulting in painful symptoms such as stiffness, swelling, and difficulty moving the joint. 

At Barrington Orthopedic Specialists, our team of orthopedic surgeons are dedicated to helping you find relief from your knee osteoarthritis with comprehensive treatments tailored to your needs. We provide both nonsurgical and surgical treatment options in order to give our patients the best outcome possible, and with our patient-focused approach, we treat each patient with the utmost care, respect, and compassion. 

If you are suffering from knee osteoarthritis, there's no need to continue living in pain. As some of the top knee specialists in the Chicago area, the team at Barrington Orthopedic Specialists is here to help you find the best treatment plan for your needs and goals. Schedule your first appointment online to get started on the path to knee pain relief.

Surgical & Nonsurgical Knee Arthritis Treatment

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is a condition that occurs when the cartilage surrounding the knee joint wears down over time. This can cause bones to grind against one another, resulting in pain, stiffness, and decreased mobility. It can also lead to swelling and instability of the joint. Osteoarthritis is typically seen in older adults but can occur in younger people as well. 

The most common symptom of knee osteoarthritis is pain that may be worse when standing or walking for long periods of time. Other symptoms include swelling, stiffness and difficulty bending the joint.

You may be at risk for OA of the knees if you:

  • Are over the age of 50 
  • Have had a previous knee injury 
  • Are overweight or obese 
  • Have had other joint injuries, such as hip or ankle problems

If you're experiencing chronic knee pain and believe you may be suffering from knee osteoarthritis, you should consult the qualified orthopedic specialists at BOS for an accurate diagnosis and to discuss treatment options.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

What are some conservative treatments for knee osteoarthritis?

The nonsurgical treatments for knee OA we provide at BOS typically focus on reducing pain and restoring mobility. These can include:

  • Viscosupplementation: Visco injections of hyaluronic acid -- a natural joint lubricant -- can help reduce pain and improve knee function. 
  • Physical therapy: Exercise, stretching and strengthening are important to keep the knee from stiffening up. Our specialists can provide personalized physical therapy plans tailored to your needs. 
  • Cortisone injections: Cortisone injections can reduce pain, inflammation and swelling. 
  • Lifestyle changes: Maintaining a healthy weight, using assistive devices, and avoiding activities that cause pain can help reduce symptoms of knee OA.

When might my doctor suggest knee replacement surgery?

In some cases, the best treatment for knee OA is surgical intervention. At Barrington Orthopedic Specialists, we offer both partial and total knee replacements to help reduce pain and improve joint function. 

The decision to have surgery will depend on several factors such as age, activity level, and other medical conditions. Some of the conditions that may indicate the need for knee replacement surgery include:

  • Severe and persistent pain 
  • Inability to perform everyday activities like walking, climbing stairs or squatting 
  • Failure of nonsurgical treatments (medication, exercise, etc.) to improve symptoms 
  • Significant deformity or instability of the knee joint

If you are considering knee replacement surgery, our team of specialists can help you understand the risks and benefits of the procedure and make sure that it is right for you. 

Where is Barrington Orthopedic Specialists located?

Barrington Orthopedic Specialists has multiple conveniently accessible locations across the greater Chicago area. Our offices can be found in:

  • Bartlett, IL
  • Buffalo Grove, IL
  • Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Schaumburg, IL

How can I get started with the best knee specialists near me?

At Barrington Orthopedic Specialists, we make it easy to get started with the top knee specialists in Illinois. Just use our online tool to select a time that works for you, and we’ll be in contact shortly.