564986.jpegTotal knee replacement can be a life-changing procedure for those suffering from severe knee pain and limited mobility. In this patient Q&A, we hear from Carole, who underwent a total knee replacement surgery with Dr. Paul Nourbash at Barrington Orthopedic Specialists.

Dr. Nourbash is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon who specializes in total knee replacement surgery. He has helped countless patients like Carole regain their independence and quality of life through this transformative procedure.

Hello Carole! Tell us about your symptoms before your knee replacement. How was your condition affecting your daily life?

Carole was experiencing pain in her right knee. For several years, she had been going to BOS to get cortisone injections with Dr. Schroeder and had an excellent experience. The shots lasted a long time and allowed her to keep working.

However, in early 2023, Dr. Schroeder suggested: “If this doesn't work in two months, come and see me.” She returned two months to the day and was advised that she needed knee surgery for long-term relief.

What ultimately led you to choose total knee replacement surgery?

Though Carole was anxious about receiving a knee replacement she agreed that because her arthritis was “bone-on-bone,” the cortisone shots were not going to help in the long term. Carole says: “Had I known surgery was going to be this easy, I would have had it done years ago.”

What brought you to Dr. Nourbash?

Carole chose Dr. Nourbash because he came with high recommendations from Dr. Schroeder and other people she knows.

What was your recovery process like? How did the BOS team assist you?

After the surgery, Carole found it difficult to move her leg. The day after the surgery, she had difficulty with walking, but she didn't experience any pain. Instead, she mostly felt anxious. But the staff were all encouraging, helpful, and pleasant, answered questions within the same day, and helped Carole immediately when she had a reaction to a medication.

Carole had total knee replacement surgery at the Joint Center at St. Alexius Medical Center. Everything happened exactly as Dr. Nourbash said it would, like clockwork and on time. Even after 9 at night, Dr. Nourbash came to see her, assuring her by saying, 'I don't forget about any of my patients. Are you doing okay?' He took the time to make Carole feel comfortable and well-informed, and his whole demeanor was geared toward that goal.

Carole says that BOS is “the whole package.” The physical therapy team was right there, and Beth and Katie were excellent. Dr. Nourbash himself provided specific instructions for recovery, including nutrition.

Carole says, “I wouldn’t even think of going to another physical therapy place.”

What was the most rewarding part of post-op rehabilitation? The most difficult part?

Carole aimed to regain independence by navigating stairs unassisted while avoiding risks, which was difficult at first. After spending four days at her daughter's home, she acquired a walker from the hospital and was measured for the right fit. Next BOS arranged for four in-home physical therapy visits and then transitioned to BOS rehab.

Carole didn’t just notice her progress on her own – the BOS team showed her how much she had progressed. She also appreciated the sanitation and availability of resources at the facility. Carole has been discharged from BOS rehab with great success and is following a home exercise program that is designed to help her regain even more independence.

To anyone considering a total knee replacement, Carole would say this: she wishes she had done it sooner with the team at BOS.

Thank you for answering these questions for us!

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